How should we brush our teeth?

yes there is a proper way to brush which every 1 ignores

basic steps:- for ur front teeth u need to brush vertically which means in an up and down motion never brush horizontally

and for ur back teeth brush in circular motion with light strokes and again never brush horizontally

u can brush horizontally on the occlusal surface or the chewing surface of tooth

And most important 1 brush both inside surface(near to tongue) and outside surface (near to lips) of ur teeth

brush front and back of ur tooth most of people just brush the front side

And do not brush more than two minutes and brush with a very mild to moderate pressure dont b so hard u r brushing ur teeth not the tiles of bathroom just remember dis

use a soft bristle tooth brush and change it once in 3 months

i tried to explain it in simpler way hope u got my points

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